Welcome to my first post on my WordPress, and thank-you for taking the time to read this! This blog was started as a requirement for my ECMP355 in university, but I will be using it to post about issues in education; partly this is an exercise in formulating and developing my growth as an educator but I am also hoping people will reach out and respond or share!

My Background:

As of this writing – I am a “Beyond 5th Year” arts education student at the University of Regina, post-internship. That means I’ve been in school for a while! I began university as a music education student but switched out when I wasn’t receiving the training I was hoping for as a teacher and have since begun to enjoy my growth as an educator. I’m actively involved in the arts community in both my major, music, and my minor, drama, but the holistic approach of the arts education program has prepared me for teaching for various grades and subjects in a way that I greatly appreciate. I had what I would call a successful internship this past semester teaching music at LeBoldus High School and various RCSD elementary schools; I learned a lot but also had lots of opportunities to try teaching without worries about success or failure and I’m not starting to synthesize all of this information.

I hope through my blogging experience we can continue growing as learners – together!


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